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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Indestructible Sunglasses

Don’t mistake the “Fisk” for some pair of pimp glasses. These aren’t flashy. They aren’t gonna make eyes explode with envy. They’re gonna fit perfect and they’re gonna last. Whatchu watchu want? The first of two major features is the Global Fit adjustable nose bridge. Soft low porosity silicone over structural nylon adjustable to your strange nose. Then there’s the Ratchet Hinge. The hinge is made of surgical stainless steel and built with a Metal Injection Molding process for unbreakableness. Not to be left on your dashboard.

The Global Fit is structural nylon covered with soft, low porosity silicone. Two stainless steel pins with eccentric heads are inserted into the frame. As these pins are turned, the angle of the bridge turns in or out for a custom to-your-face fit.

As with all “Sutro” frames, the Fisk features the Ratchet Hinge. The hinge is made of surgical stainless steel, built by a Metal Injection Molding process. “It is integrated into the face frame in the front and screwed directly into the temple into the rear.” Making a “virtually unbreakable” frame.

Designer: Jeff Sand


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