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Monday, April 20, 2009


Dell Adamo

Recently, Microsoft launched its new laptop – “Laptop Hunter” against Apple. The laptop has lowest range about $1500 but offer greater pack. "Laptop Hunter" offers online and TV ads also like MacBook Air.

Microsoft feels that higher price consumer can’t offer so; it will be in three prices - $1000, $1500 and $2000. They know that it is not time like MacBook Air to set price $2700. Now, it is very competitive market in Note Book market also.

Another updates show with Dell laptop. Some reviews go against the laptop that it has no graphics muscle however its price is very high about $2,000+. But we can’t say that only Mac has authority to set price more than $2,500.

It is the triangular war among “Laptop Hunter”, “MacBook Air” and “Dell Adamo”. In this series we have not included of Sony VAIO. However, VAIO is most selling Note Book after MacBook. It has greater review and demand in the world and graphics are most reliable.

We are looking here competition of laptops industry which is burning issues with Dell Vs. Mac and Microsoft Vs. Mac. There is only one competitive laptop – Apple’s Mac which has given ultra competition.

We can say MacBook and Sony VAIO is out of competition because they have own customer and needn’t to worry about the prices. They have quality and own products with own features.

With Dell Adamo now Dell is sure that it is the new product which will lead the future market in laptop industry. In another hand Microsoft is trying to beat everywhere with it “Laptop Hunter”.

Reviews are assuming that after Dell Adamo price of Mac will go down. We think that these two laptops will lead to lower prices of all laptops now.


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