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Monday, April 20, 2009

New Face

In between reading a mountain of textbooks, trying to memorize silly formulas and still obtaining a social life whilst trying to stay in tune with both the celebrity world and the fashion world, I somehow have found time to discover a new model! Of course when I say discover, I mean see-in-a-fashion-magazine-spread-and-then-announce-the-model-on-my-blog. Of course what is most interesting about Reid Kastyn, is not the fact that she has an amazing face (and not to mention a great haircut, which I might just copy on my own hair), is that in a spread with 32 different models, Reid stuck out.

She's on the right featured in the F/W 2007 edition of French Revue de Mode.

I liken her to an Irina Lazareanu Masha Novoselova cross.

I think she has potential - What do you think?


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