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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Review: A day with the YUBZ Talk retro handset

Yubz Talk is an old-fashioned phone handset, available in a variety of colors, that plugs into the 1.5mm jacks found on cordless phones and some cellphones -- adapters are available for the iPhone and other models. On it is a button for answering calls, and a volume slider -- its purpose and manner of operation is otherwise obvious. Audio quality is good and it feels well-constructed. Is it worth  $40? You already know if you want it, so that's for you to decide. That said, it'd be great fun to pull one of these out of your inside coat pocket when the cellphone rings, then carry out a loud and agitated public conversation with it. Bonus points if you get angry with the caller and start looking around for a corresponding phone cradle to slam it back onto


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