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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Philips Xenium X830 has 5MP camera, Wi-Fi and GPS

Every once in a while Philips remind us of themsleves with some new mobile phones. Their Xenium line is known for giving you over a month of stand by. If you're thinking that the prolonged battery life comes at the expense of features - you're wrong. Their latest full touch device - the Philips Xenium X830 - comes with a 5 megapixel camera.

The X830 is a feature phone that builds on the X800 and X810 - a big 3" touchscreen with WQVGA resolution and 262K colors. The camera is also quite respectable - 5 megapixels with autofocus and LED flash.

The phone is headed to China and Russia, so it doesn't have 3G support. The Philips X830 offers quad-band GSM/EDGE. It makes up for the lack of UMTS by offering Wi-Fi.

Philips Xenium X830 Philips Xenium X830 Philips Xenium X830
Philips Xenium X830

The GPS receiver is another goody that made its way into this power efficient handset. The other connectivity options of the X830 include Bluetooth and USB. A microSD card slot, music player and FM radio will help make the commute to work shorter. The built-in memory is 47MB.

The physical size of the Philips X830 of 105 x 53 x 15.5mm makes it quite compact, though its 120 grams are a bit much. The phone will be available soon though there's no word on pricing yet. We don't know the stand by time either, but its predecessor - the X810 - manages a respectable 1 month.



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