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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sex Sells Anything

You can either be a prude and get shocked at this post (in this case I suggest you move on to the next post) or enjoy the sensual display of the human form as it brings SEX into the industrial design world. Call it lusty, erotic or whatever you want but the truth of the matter is that sex sells in any industry, so why should ID be different! Here is a look at the ten sexiest items that display erotica effectively in ID.

10) Immaculate by Hans A Huseklepp

Tell me honestly, were you looking at the prosthetic limb, or the sexy plunging neckline of this girl! Although Immaculate is a neurological prosthetic connected to the users central nervous system, it takes the woman in the picture to make you realize that an amputee can look as sexy as a runway model.

9) Puma Starck Naked Body Wear by Philippe Starck

Near-naked sexiness personified! I brand the Puma Starck Naked collection as a functional yet sexy essential that reveals nothing but displays a lot of skin aesthetically. I know this does not fall into ID, but I wanted to bring across the point that naked people sell a lot of clothes! What an oxymoron!

8 ) Bodylicious by Hiroshi Tsunoda

Inspired by Nyotaimori, a rather controversial Japanese tradition which consists of presenting Sushi on a naked woman, using her body as a tray, Bodylicious here iterates the kinky side of mankind. Conversely, when presenting Sushi (Sashimi) on the naked body of a man, it’s called Nantaimori. You eat off me and I eat off you. What could be sexier than that!
BTW I’m strictly talking about the plates here.

7) Love Case by Paul Sandip

Fumbling to reach out for a condom during the most sensual moment can be quite an embarrassment for both the parties. A sleeker way would be to whip out the sophisticated Love Case and impress your mate. It stores 1-2 condoms and has a magnetic slider; the provocative scene depicted in this pic further strengthens my belief that sex sells everything, even condom holders!

6) HotDoll, Love Doll For Dogs by Clement Eloy

Man’s best friend has his urges too, and they need to be satisfied pronto. Like we get dolls and toys for ourselves, why not a one for him!

5) NASA Interactive Sex Toy by Pei-Hua Huang

There are two reasons why I put this interactive sex toy to my list. One is the obvious NASA branding and the other is that the toy can be used by both men and women to indulge in some out of this universe experiences.

4) Aloe by Discoh for Imaginarte

The next time you reach out for Aloe juice or an Aloe Vera cream just remember that it inspired these folk to make a dildo. According to its creators, “Aloe gives the user the chance to choose. It´s a dildo. But visually it can also be a plant. It can be a perfect gift or even an elegant way of ending a relationship”.

3) Intimate Massagers by Philips

When the Big Daddy of consumer electronics comes out with a product that is meant to stimulate, arouse, and tease, you stand up (no pun intended) and take notice. The Intimate Massagers purr seductively and encourage greater physical contact between the two of you.

2) Sex in Design/Design in Sex Exhibition by James Biber, Dan Maxfield and James Bowman; exhibition graphics by Michael Bierut and Jennifer Kinon

I’m speechless! That’s coz this exhibition is bang on target as to what I wanted to convey. Tour around the MoSex (Museum of Sex) and get familiar.

1) GlowBalls Warming Light by Ashish Chaudhary

We are pretty familiar with Ashish’s work on YD and his Butt-On was quite wicked. However this one takes the cake! Would you have the balls to light one of these in your home?
On a more serious note, evidently these lights depict the global warming situation on the surface map. They radiate light and heat, and change from white to red after about two hours of usage.


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